Minds behind Night4Us

At Night4Us we are bringing innovation and technological solutions to one of the biggest and oldest industries on the planet. Our platform will change how people will consume music for decades. We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and stories and are as proud of our product as the team that's behind it.
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Achille Boccara

CEO & Co-Founder

Achille is an engineer in embedded system, a musician and a music lover. As tech Entrepreneur, he truly believes that technological breakthroughs can change radically the course of the Music Industry, a fascinating and fast-changing sector.

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Hugo Laplace Builhe

CTO & Co-Founder

Hugo is an engineer in informations systems with more than 4 years of experience in coding and programming. He loves to stay in touch with new technologies and wants to create revolutionary products.

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Alexandre Leboeuf

COO & Co-Founder

Alexandre is a passion entrepreneur who have been working in the startup ecosystem for more than 4 years. He likes to design and implement business strategies in order to promote company culture and vision.

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Victor Yan

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Victor is an engineer in computer systems and a digital lover. He has created software solutions like video games for fun since he was 10. He believes in hard work and is extremely passionate about web and iOS development.

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